Quadris (Soybean)

Quadris® fungicide offers optimal disease control and Plant Performance™, helping soybean growers maximize return on investment. Quadris is a broad-spectrum fungicide whose mode of action is systemic and xylem-mobile.

  • Provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of yield-robbing soybean diseases.
    • Offers effective control of all four classes of fungi.
    • Provides complete plant protection with the excellent xylem-mobile, systemic activity of the Quadris X-Factor™. This allows for the mobility of the highly systemic active ingredient from the site of application through the leaf, providing uniform distribution within the plant, even to new growth for better protection.
  • Optimizes Plant Performance activity for increased quality and boosts yield an average of 5-6 bu/A.
    • Improves plant growth for higher yields.
    • Increases water use efficiency resulting in more crop growth.
    • Extends pod fill, which is the final step in optimizing yields.
      • Produces bigger pods, more beans and complete pod fill by preserving green leaf area and a longer period of photosynthesis.