Quilt Xcel

Quilt Xcel™ fungicide is an elite systemic fungicide containing the Power of Two™ active ingredients providing both curative and longer-lasting preventive disease control and Plant Performance™ to maximize yield and quality.

  • Delivers longer-lasting, broad-spectrum control of yield-robbing corn diseases.
    • Utilizes the Power of Two active ingredients for powerful curative and longer-lasting preventive disease control.
    • Offers mobility of the two systemic active ingredients from the site of application through the leaf, providing uniform distribution within the plant, even to new growth for better protection and application flexibility.
    • Provides built-in resistance management with two different modes of action.
  • Optimizes Plant Performance activity for increased yield at an average of 15-20 bu/A.
    • Impacts plant physiology:
      • Improves plant growth for higher yields through improved photosynthesis, nitrogen utilization and water use efficiency.
      • Produces greener plants, bigger ears, more kernels and complete ear fill for better corn harvests.
      • Preserves green leaf area for stronger stalks and longer stand leading to an easier harvest and less potential for stalk breakage or ear fall that results in volunteer corn the following season.